BOSSIIE - How to be an Instagram model

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Are you looking to build your online brand so you can secure jobs and freelance as a model?

Most people want to be models but do know how to go about it, with no one to ask and have no idea where to start. Moreover, they don't know how to tell if they are good enough to be a model brand. 

Through trial and errors, I put together ‘BOSSIIE’ – How to be an Instagram model. I have had girls asking me how to secure work as a model and how to build one’s fan base.

My webinar has ‘top tips’ to help you understand your brand and what you would like people to know about you.

I'm BOSSIIE. I built a modelling career, featuring in high profile music videos in the UK as well as in Africa and I featured in international commercials.

What helped me succeed in this business is understanding that one has to treat one’s brand as if it was a 9-5.

My approach to this course is, ‘NO BS**’ Just 100% useful information so you don't waste time, opportunities and cost trying to figure out how to build your brand.

Here's what is covered in ‘How to be an Instagram Model’ 👑

👑 How to eat and how to achieve clear skin

👑 What are quality pictures and how to take them

👑 How to look when taking pictures

👑 Must have skills needed as an Instagram model

If you value your time and you are serious about learning! This course will give you all the information you need and you will make way, way more than you have paid for the course.


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BOSSIIE - How to be an Instagram model

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